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Mali-Raya is the name of the Great Earth. A campaign domain in which there is a single central super-continent and an endless ocean beyond.


Dinosaurs roam freely throughout the world, held back only by the mighty Karisen human population. The Ninys people instead live in a sort of primal harmony with the world, looked down upon by their ‘superior’ bronze wielding Karisen neighbors A great empire of elves also exists, the Usk’kina, their fortresses built in the tops of massive trees where dinosaurs cannot easily reach. The Dwarves call their autocracy the Second Empire, rising to power a thousand years after the fall of the first. Gnome civilization, Xyzanthan and Halfling civilization, the Branett are highly nomadic, rarely staying in one place for long. To the North the great sunken nation of Hyperboria can be found, home to the Oniss people. Orcs are primarily cave-folk and live in loose societal bands called Ungurgs.


Mali-Raya is a massive continent that has not been fully mapped out by the people who live there. It seems to mostly consist of jungle with vast mountains rising up, many turning out to be active volcanoes. The volcanic nature of the planet works out well for the races, both Dwarves and Men use the lava to forge materials they do not often have the means to create. Mali-Raya Has two moons, the first a massive blue sphere and the second a lesser green. Depending on the race they have different names. The Ninys and Ungurgs refer to them universally as the Hunter God Tyritt and the Fertility God Lamia. The Karisen call them the Warriors and when the lesser moon is out and the greater is gone the lesser plots it’s downfall. The Usk’kina call them the Lovers. The Oniss refer to them as Lunar Greater and Lunar Lesser, ever direct in their naming conventions.


History is primarily recorded (at least in written form) by the Karisen, the Oniss, and the Usk’kina. It is generally agreed that they year is AF1020 or the 1020th year after the founding of the Karisen Empire. The time before the founding is referred to as BF, or “Before Founding”. See: Timeline

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