Said to have existed sense the creation of the world, the Usk’kina claim they remember a day when the filth of mankind never roamed the earth. Faster than the quickest of Men, more long lived than the most ancient Dwarf, and with equipment that could match the Oniss in it’s complexity, the question is only why Elves do not rule the world as it is.

The Elf race has always been secluded in the trees. Even in the most ancient writings of the Second Empire they have lived there, and it is there they live still. Tremendous tree cities expand out, allowed to grow to immense proportion away from the beasts that roam on the ground. They alone have access to mithral and ironwood – both which exist only within their territory.

Elves have three major combat philosophies each embodied in the behavior of a dinosaur. -

The Raptor – Strike swiftly. Strike Suddenly. Strike as one. Fight to the last.

The Pterodactyl – Glide in for a single blow, then glide out unseen. Destroy the foe from a distance, and they will scatter in terror of the hidden.

The Tyrannosaurus – Cleave the enemy asunder. Your own death means a hundred enemies fall with you.


Mali-Raya Mizar