The Ungurgs are tremendous Orc civilizations that exist in great caves found throughout the world of Mali-Raya. The Orc people are not as simple as they might at first seem – powerful and longstanding traditions have been passed down from earlier generations. The Orcs scribe upon the wall’s of their caves in the etchings of Orcish – a seemingly rudimentary language with a strong emphasis of action in the past.

Though Ungurgs seem simple on the surface they actually extend deep underground. Indeed the Orcs often find themselves in conflict with the Second Empire. The Dwarfs are the fiercest rivals of Orcs and have been sense their first empire fell. It is considered among the greatest honor to eat the corpse of a mighty Dwarf warrior.

All Orcs believe that to kill a powerful foe or beast is only part of it’s defeat. In order to become truly powerful an Orc must also consume the body of his victim. If the victim was an enemy he traps the soul forever within his belly. If the fallen was a great beast, forever will the Orc hold that power as his own. The act of eating one’s kills is a right of passage as long-faring as the very existence of the Ungurgs.

I will kill you one day.

Not if I kill you first.

~Traditional Orcish greeting.


Mali-Raya Mizar