Second Empire

Before the Karisen, before even the Oniss the First Empire of The Dwarf Council existed. Dwarven cities dotted the land, their mighty stone walls keeping out all but the fiercest of beast. These were the times of legend.

Carved into mountain, raised from earth, or mounted bravely near a volcano – the Dwarven fortress cities were once proud structures to witch there was no equal. Even the mighty city of Karisen would pale in comparison to the tremendous throne capital of Uthkar. In times of peace great inventions were made that allowed civilian life to be leisurely. In times of battle with the Elves or Ungrung warbands the Dwarven people caused the very earth to tremble with their might.

It is unknown what first set off the downfall of the Dwarven civilization – but around 200 years before the founding of Karisen their civilization was already in decline. A hundred years before the empire fell in 56, twenty thousand orcs raged across the land of Mali-Raya, burning everything in their path and laying waste to city after city. The Dwarves fell back again and again, at last retreating to their most secure underground fortresses.

The capital of Uthkar was overwhelmed by the tremendous Orc horde, and King Uthkar VII was killed, ending the line of the First Empire. The remaining Dwarf strongholds were easy pickings for Karisen, and many were either captured or razed entirely. Now only remnants of their glory exists – A Ninys tribe may live in a Dwarf ruin as may Elves, or Orcs, or any other variety of things. The location of Uthkar is all but forgotten.

Now the Dwarves live underground, forever locked in an eternal battle with the Ungrungs. They have only fragments of their former civilization, but they are still mighty. Dwarves never forget an old grudge and it is still prophesied that one day a great hero will rise and destroy the Orc threat, allowing the great surface cities to once again be claimed.

Second Empire

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