The Ninys are not just a single homogeneous band of savages as the Karisen people might believe, but actually a dozen tribes – each with their own philosophies and history. The Karisen themselves were once the thirteenth tribe, though their own written history does not extend back that far and all oral records have been lost to time.

The Tribes


The Nalttor believe strongly in history through song and dance. Many rituals have been created to portray their history and fire-dancing is common. From their people a vast number of instruments have been created, ranging from very simple hide drums to amazingly complex bone percussion.


The Radquath have studied the stars for as long as their culture has existed. They have learned to navigate by them, and each and every one of the hundreds of stars in the night sky has it’s own name and story.


Ghakimo people can often be found near riversides where their master fishers hunt. Their elaborate rafts travel along all rivers known by the Karisen and beyond.


The Awrr find beauty in all things in life, and have learned to carve a variety of gemstone into magnificent craft. Awrr history is painted onto tree bark and carried along for as long as it lasts. Even Awrr weapons are particularly interesting. A quiver of arrows will contain arrowheads of all different color.


The Dalulu are a tribe guided by spirit animals of the jungle. A common coming of age is to venture into the wilds until a vision of an animal comes to the tribe member. When the tribe member finds his animal spirit he embodies it in battle.









Mali-Raya Mizar