The Karisen people have a long history of military power and rugged brutality against the world beyond their walls. Their closed gates and often closed minds make them among the hardest people to get along with. Only recently have other races been allowed to travel within their city though they must still carry licenses and documentation.


Karisen have through long hardship and warring come to believe that good things come to those most willing to fight for them. Though they see the necessity of academies and proper training facilities they use them as a mean to an end. Karisen have a tendency to take what they need without asking the proper owners – a habit that has not garnered any friends.


The Karisen have an extremely advanced military called the Legion broken into ten Centuries. Each Century is led by a general and each has it’s own specific role. Typically units do not consist entirely of members from a single Century, but rather squads or Cohors are formed of various members from each Century. A Century has one hundred men in it.


Fulminata are the fast attack shock infantry. Their armor is light, but they perfer fast moving two-handed weapon specialists to maximize speed and damage potential.


Antisignani are heavy-armor specialists. They typically have extremely heavy armor coupled with tower shields and bronze long swords.


Invictus are the most recently formed Century, replacing 100 members originally belonging to Terra. They specialize in ambush tactics and striking from behind enemy lines.


Astra is the air division of the Karisen military. They consist primarily of pterodactyl riders, though other flying mounts are common as well.


Terra are general infantry. The specialize in no specific tactic, but rather have a general knowledge of all tactics. They are the most versatile of the Centuries, and can be expected to survive in almost any situation.


Navis are the aquatic division, though they have recently expanded to experiemental airship use.


Magus is the magic-user division. Though weak in physical combat this division consist of trained magi from the Great Citidel of Arcana.


Venatus are beast hunters and specialize in taking down any beasts that pose a threat to the security of Karisen.


Eques Century consists primarily of mounted infantry. Most ride regular horses, though raptor riders are common among the higher ranking.


Velitus Century consists primarily of ranged combat specialists.


Armatura are not a Century, but are rather Karisen soldiers who train at Schola, the combat academy. They train constantly at Schola and advance to become Legionaries when a member of the Legion dies or retires. The most elder Armatura replace fallen soldiers.


Finally there are the irregulars who are simply hired muscle of one form or another. Little more than mercenaries these men often lack the training or experience that the Legionaries have.


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